Can the Privacy Screen stay attached?


Will the MacBook Close with the screen attached?

Yes, but you will see a gap, because the screen is there

Will the sleep mode stay functional?


Why will the screen not attach at the bottom?

Build in Magnets are only build into the top of the lid

Is the Privacy Screen working vertical and Horizontal?

No, is only 2 ways, left to right horizontal

How long is the warranty?

2 Years on product defects

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on all purchases made directly through our website within two weeks of purchase. Returns must be accompanied by a receipt or order number and must be returned in their original packaging.

Can I return purchases from Amazon at STARK locations?

No, please follow amazon procedures

Is there a way to get different shipping rates, if the product is not available in my country yet?

Yes, please email support@starkinc.biz

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