Removable Magnetic Privacy Screen designed for MacBook™, MacBook Pro Retina™, MacBook Pro 2017™, MacBook Air™

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STARK's Magnetic Privacy Screen is a custom designed removable privacy screen for Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina. While other privacy screens and screen protectors rely on messy and potentially-damaging adhesives, STARK's Magnetic Privacy Screen integrates seamlessly with your MacBook's screen by attaching to the magnets already built in to the MacBook's frame. Attach the Magnetic Privacy Screen when you're in any public location (office, coffee shop etc.) and remove it when you're back at home. The 60° privacy viewing angle (30° from the center of the screen to each side horizontal) assures that only you can see whats on your display. The Magnetic Privacy Screen is designed for Apple MacBook, Macbook Air and MacBook Pro 2011-2016, it has an AR (Anti Reflecting) surface that is 3H PET scratch resistant, it can be flipped, so you can use the glossy or mate surface of the Magnetic Privacy Screen on you MacBook's display. Removing the screen also makes it easy to clean the display, compaired to permanently attachec privacy filters. STARK patented and trademarked the product throughout the world, please be aware of copies and infringes. We provide a 2 year warranty, phone and email support. It comes with a cleaning cloth and carrying pouch.

If you leave the Magnetic Privacy Screen attached, the MacBook will not close fully, you will see the 2mm Gap, of the filter. Watch the Video.

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