iBenzer HexPact

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Features include:


  • Engineered impact force distribution
  • Ultra-absorbent materials
  • Protection from scratches and smudges
  • Shock eliminating corners
  • Drop resistant design
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Tough Honeycomb Design.


iBenzer’s Hexpact MacBook protective case is built to withstand the heaviest of drops. Made out of TPU and polycarbonate, it dissipates the impact of the fall throughout its honeycomb body to lessen the impact on your laptop.


Unhindered Access.


The case design comes with cut-out sections for easy access to all ports, battery check button, Type C, charging ports etc. You can even plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.


Fully Vented


The iBenzer’s Hexpact MacBook protective case has cut out vents that facilitates better heat disbursement. It also has rubberized corner stands that acts to separate the bottom of your MacBook from the surface it’s on. This few inches of separation further enhances airflow and heat distribution.


360 Degrees Protection


With its hard outer shell, soft impact resistant rubber bumpers and bottom skid pads, our unique MacBook protective case design are meant to provide 360 degrees of protection for your laptop from everyday drops, knocks, and shock.


Modern Look


The iBenzer’s honeycomb MacBook protective casing was meant to be tough and stylish at the same time. The semi-transparent honeycomb design can easily turn heads and become a great conversation piece.


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