STARK™ CS2 Privacy Screen for iPhone XR/11/12/12Pro



Features include:
  • Color changing effect
  • 60º viewing angle
  • Blue-light filter
  • Protection from scratches, smudges
  • No Fingerprints 3H
  • Easy removal
  • Reusable (only buy it once), cleanable with water
  • No damaging glues or adhesives
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CS2 “Child Safety too”


STARK™ 1st color  changing privacy screen in the worlds designed  for iPhone XR/11/12/12Pro. It not only protects your content from gleaning eyes, but protects your screen from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints. While other privacy screens rely on damaging glues and adhesives, STARK™ produces a patented, removable privacy screen that integrates seamlessly with the iPhone XR/11/12/12 Pro screen. It’s easy to place on and take off. It’s matte surface reduces reflections and is 3H scratch resistant (sharp objects like keys, diamond earnings etc. will scratch surface, its NOT 9H harden like glass protectors, which allows it to not crack, absorb the shock energy if its dropped and being removed, cleaned under water and reused.


Better for your phone. Better for your health.


What is blue-light? Blue-light is a ray of light emitting from phones that affect the sleep and eye health of millions of people. STARK™ privacy screens have built-in coating to eliminate blue-light and help reducing eye strain. Our privacy screens not only protect your content, but your eyes too.


Messy? Nope.


STARK™ privacy screens for the iPhone X are diligently designed in Switzerland and engineered in Germany. As a result, the core drive of team is to innovate new features never-before-seen. Hence, our no-mess solution. STARK™ privacy screens the iPhone XR/11/12/12Pro don’t require messy or damaging glues. Therefore, our privacy screens are easy to install and take off.

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