STARK™ Privacy Screen for Macbook Pro

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Designed specifically for the 2017+ Macbook Pro 15″ Retina model. Looking for another model? Click here.


Features include:


  • 60º viewing angle
  • Blue-light filter
  • Protection from scratches and smudges
  • Magnetic
  • No damaging glues or adhesives
  • 100% flexible

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You see it. They don’t.


A STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen™ is the best privacy screen for the Macbook Pro. It not only protects your content from gleaning eyes, but protects your screen from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints. While other privacy screens rely on damaging glues and adhesives, STARK™ produces a patented privacy screen that magnetically adheres to the MacBook screen. Just place it on and take it off whenever, wherever.


Better for your Mac. Better for your health.


What is blue-light? Blue-light is a ray of light emitting from phones that affect the sleep and eye health of millions of people. STARK™ privacy screens have built-in coating to eliminate blue-light and help reducing eye strain. Our privacy screens not only protect your content, but your eyes too.


Messy? Nope.


STARK™ privacy screens for the Macbook Pro are diligently designed in Switzerland and engineered in Germany. As a result, the core drive of our team is to innovate new features never-before-seen. Hence, our no-mess, magnetic solution! STARK™ privacy screens for the Macbook Pro don’t require messy or damaging glues.

See it in Action

See it in Action

    Reviews (4)

    4 reviews for STARK™ Privacy Screen for Macbook Pro

    1. admin

      Does exactly what they say. Works like a charm!

    2. admin

      I saw a review of this about a woman who uses this at a WeWork in NYC, which made me buy this too. This privacy screen blocks all the content away from strangers. It’s a really awesome accessory!

    3. admin

      Bought this in store for my wife who is a business consultant. She loved it so much that I bought myself one and I use it everyday.

    4. admin

      Super easy to use!

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