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Beware of Imitators!

Beware of imitators – only STARK™ is backed by years of technical and manufacturing experience and a quality control process as strong as our products. STARK™ products are designed in Hannover, Germany and distributed from New York, Germany, Mexico, Japan and China. STARK Magnetic Privacy Screens are Patented in the USA, EU, Asia. For more information about STARK patents please contact support@starkinc.biz

About STARK™ and its owner Stefan Leipold are respected as the original inventor of the magnetic privacy screen, camera-shutter sticker and the color changing privacy screen. Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, small businesses, and individuals trust STARK™ to build superior privacy screens to protect their most private information from strangers.

The materials we use, the designs, and the functionalities are patented technologies by STARK™ in the United States, Europe, and across the globe. SHOP STARK™ Learn More

About Stefan Leipold Forbes2021

The STARK Story

Privacy is more important now than ever. Stefan Leipold, an internationally-recognized Cyber-Security Specialist, Public Speaker, Philanthropist, Music producer (Shattered Magic) and author (The Decision – The Sky is not the Limit) and CEO of STARK™, is no stranger to privacy and the crave communities around the world have for it. Stefan started STARK™ in 2013 taking 20+ years of technical experience working with private contractors and governments to create the perfect, most convenient privacy screens for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Microsoft Surface devices.

Stefan’s goals were simple: create reusable, environmental friendly privacy screens to protect businesses, people, and children from strangers and governments.

In his career Stefan earned over 71 Certifications and awards, Published Author and Forbes Business Council Member and International know public Cyber-Security speaker. Please click on “Learn More” to visit Stefan’s Personal Page.SHOP STARK™Learn More

STARK and The Environment

STARK is committed to creating recyclable, humane products. Since our inception, it has been our highest priority to never use materials that may harm the environment and never use materials that are either originate from animals or are tested with animals. Its about giving back, and save our planet.

STARK’s products and Packaging are Government environmentally friendly certified.SHOP STARK™

Giving Back

STARK™ is proud to give back to our community by supporting the Good Dog Foundation of NY, The Red Cross, Leukemia Lymphoma Society LLS, The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and many more.WATCH VIDEO

Press & Media

Critics, businesses, and people are going crazy over STARK! Check out some of the press we’ve received in recent years! LEARN MORE SHOP STARK™

Frequently Asked Questions

Are STARK privacy screens removable?

Yes! Our privacy screens are easier to remove than a case.

What is “blue-light”?

Harmful light emitting from our devices. STARK protects your eyes by blocking out most of the blue-light.

Will STARK privacy screens damage my screen?

No! STARK is the only one that does not damage, scratch, or wear your screen.

What is the return policy?

All orders placed online can be returned within 14-days of purchase. Returns must be accompanied by a receipt or order number and must be undamaged with their original packaging. Contact a STARK team member for help!

I saw a similar, cheaper STARK privacy screen on Amazon, is that yours?

No, those are knockoffs made in lesser quality that will damage your screen.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Each STARK product comes with a 2-year warranty.

My MacBook has a touch bar, will that make a difference?

No, because the screen-size is the same.